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Bullandö harbour

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Located in Bullandö harbour, in the heart of the archipelago – just 1 hour from Stockholm, our Igloos offer archipelago views and endless scenic spots to explore around Bullandö Marina.

How to Escape during summer time?

There are plenty of activities you can keep yourself busy with during your Igloo Escape (but there is no shame in just reading a book with a stunning view from the panoramic windows). If chilling is not your cup of tea, we offer several summer activities:


Our floating igloos come with fishing gears and a pimple hole in the bottom, through which you can fish perch and pike. Don’t forget to start the grill – more locally produced fish for dinner is hard to find!

How to get here

Our igloos are located in the harbor of Norrtälje, located in the mist of the beautiful archipelago city.

The exact address is Badstugatan 13, Norrtälje, one hour drive from Stockholm.

Direct buses to Norrtälje leave Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm every quarter during rush hour. You can get to Tekniska högskolan either by bus or metro.

For bus timetable, press here.

Once you arrive at Norrtälje bus station, there is a 15 minutes walk to the igloos. Click here for directions.