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Experience dinner and breakfast by the sea. Dine at the famous Bullandö restaurant or enjoy food baskets prepared by the restaurant in the igloo / on the terrace. Let us know which option you prefer upon booking.

Igloo food from Bullandö restaurant

Food baskets for breakfast & dinner can be pre-booked for an additional fee upon booking. The food baskets are well-chosen and prepared by the Bullandö restaurant for you to enjoy in the igloo or on your private terrace. If you want to treat yourselves with something extra, Igloo Escape guests are offered a three-course meal at Bullandö restaurant for a discounted price.

Breakfast basket: 195 SEK/person

Our breakfast basket is prepared to you by the Bullandö restaurant. The basket includes freshly baked bread, butter, cheese, ham, yoghurt, juice and coffee & tea.

Dinner basket: 395 SEK/person

Our dinner basket is prepared to you by the Bullandö restaurant. Choose between the famous fish- and seafood stew or vegetarian vegetable stew.

Three-course meal at Bullandö restaurant: 695 SEK/person

If you want something extra, you can enjoy a three-course meal at the Bullandö restaurant for a discounted charge (during april – november). The menu varies by season, but let us know if you have any preferences!

We offer still and sparkling drinking water + coffee and tea, but feel free to bring a couple of beers or a bottle of wine!

Let us know if you have any food preferences or allergies upon booking.

Personalize your food

If you stay longer than one night, we will deliver new food baskets during your stay and leave outside your igloo. The ingredients will change from day to day. Recipes are available in the kitchenette!

Adding / removing / changing anything from the food- or drink baskets is possible upon request.

Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any allergies or special diets.

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