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Frequently Asked Questions

Before arrival

  • How do I get to Norrtälje?

    Our Norrtälje igloo is located in Norrtälje harbor, in connection to the  archipelago city. You can get here either by car or direct bus from Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm. It is approx 1 hr drive. Tekniska Högskolan is easily accessed by bus or metro. From Norrtälje bus station there is a 15 min walk to the harbor (Badstugatan 13). 

  • How do I get to Bullandö?

    Our Bullandö igloo is located in Bullandö Marina harbor. You can get here either by car or direct bus from Slussen in Stockholm. It is approx 45 min by car and 1 hour by bus. Slussen is easily accessed by bus or metro. From Bullandö bus station there is a 5 min walk to the igloo (Bullandövägen 30). 

  • How many igloos exist per harbour?

    As we want you to enjoy free time fully remote, we only have one igloo located in each guest harbor. The igloos are made for two, but the queen sized bed can of course fit a small child as well! 

  • How do I check in and out?

    You will receive a code for unlocking your igloo at latest one hour before check-in. You check out by leaving the igloo and making sure that the door is locked – simple as that!

  • What do I need to bring?

    Come as you are and enjoy fully. The igloo is approx 20 degrees and temperature can be regulated but bring warmer clothes for an outside BBQ. And don’t forget your swimming suit! Other than that, a toothbrush and a happy mood will suffice, we’ll do the rest! 

  • Can we bring children?

    Please do! However, the igloos only have one queen size bed so you would have to get cozy!

My Igloo

  • What’s included in the breakfast basket and when is it delivered?

    The breakfast baskets are delivered in the morning between 8-9am (let us know if you prefer a different time!). The food can differ depending on season as we try to serve only food in season, but the basket typically includes freshly baked bread with cheese, ham & vegetables, yoghurt, egg, orange juice and coffee & tea with milk.

  • What’s included in the dinner basket and how do we make it?

    The dinner baskets will be in the igloo upon arrival. The food in the dinner basket vary depending on season but the basket typically includes protein for BBQ (meat / chicken / veg), potatoes to boil, bearnaise sauce, mixed salad.

    Most of our guests choose to cook food on the Muurikka grill available at the terrace and cook the potatoes on the pentry inside. If you are not used to grill, let us know upon booking and we can prepare another dinner basket for you!

  • Does the igloo have a toilet?

    Yes, the igloo comes with a top class toilet from Separett. It is fresh, super easy and eco-friendly!

  • Is the igloo warm?

    Yes, the igloo is always set default to 20 degrees and can be regulated by you if needed. However, during summer time, the igloo can get warm during the days hence be prepared to spend a lot of time on the terrace!

  • What’s your cancellation policy?

    Cancellations up until 30 days prior to arrival: Free cancellation and repayment of previously paid amount (minus a booking fee of 10% of the total booking price).

    Cancellations up until 7 days prior to arrival (less than 30 days prior to arrival): No repayment. However, we can rebook your stay free of charge during the same season (subject to availability).

  • Can I work remotely?

    Working remotely is fully possible by using the wifi available in the igloo. You can work from the terrace or in the igloo. 

    However, the main purpose with our igloo experience is to escape from day-to-day reality and hopefully close down your phone and computer fully during your stay. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself and disconnect 🙂


  • What happens if I need assistance?

    Our staff is always available over phone and email should you need something. If assistance is needed, there are staff close-by that can come to help. You will receive their contact number before check-in. 

    There is also a first-aid kit in the igloo including anything you need for smaller injuries.

  • What activities do you offer?

    There are several activities that can be booked, of course depending on season. During summer time, you can rent a SUP or a kayak to explore the harbour surrounding you. Longer guided excursions are also available for an additional fee. During winter time, ice skating is available if the ice is hard enough. Saunas are available all year round!